Hous of Markets is a marketplace for just about anything. Shop our ever growing marketplace or set up your own shop free of charge.

Vendor Perks:

  • Custom Store Front
  • Coupon Management – Create Your Own Promotions
  • Live Chat – Talk directly to your potential customers
  • Order Management – Order and Inventory Management
  • Unlimited Products – Create Simple, Complex, Subscription based products
  • Bundle Products, Size Charts, Add-ons and more.
  • Customers can request quotes on products or services
  • Enable SMS Text notification for Vendors and Customers
  • Reporting – Order, Inventory Levels, & Commission
  • Order Tracking
  • PDF Invoicing
  • Create surveys for customers
  • Provide wait lists for out of stock products
  • Shipping – Customize your method of shipping and price
  • Offer your customers the chance to receive discounts for product reviews
  • Vacation Mode – Leaving on Vacation? Put a notice up in your shop to let customers know when you will be returning
  • Payment on dollar one

Zero Risk

  • Hous of Markets does not charge subscription or membership fees to our vendors
  • We only keep 3% of the sale of your products
  • Payouts start at $1 everyday – no high dollar threshold or monthly payout
  • No Charge Per Product Listed
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Become an Affiliate and earn 20% commission for selling other vendor’s products

How We Stack Up Against The Competition:

  • Hous of Markets: 3%
  • Shopify Fees – $29, $79, $299/mo subscription
  • Etsy Fees – $0.20 per listing + 5% of cost of each sale
  • Ebay – 10% of Sale + Listing Fees
  • Amazon – $39.99/mo + Fees