How Vendors Are Paid

The 97%: Our Vendor’s are entitled to 97% of the sale of the items in their store in most sale transactions. The portion of the sale is called commissions. There are times however that there is are exceptions to this rule. The exceptions can be in the form of an affiliate sale or if there were coupons or sales, or if the item is returned.

Affiliates: When an affiliate sells your product using their unique link they earn 20% of the sale for their efforts in selling the product and you keep the rest minus our fee. Vendors can also register to be affiliates and enjoy the same commissions for selling other vendor’s products.

Coupons: Coupons affect the sales price and be sent out by your shop or by us as a site. When a customer uses these coupons the sales price is affect which ultimately affects the commissions you receive.

All Vendors are paid on $1 everyday though PayPal.